Graphics, logos, Illustrations and other digital designs

3208 Family Vacation Shirt - T-Shirt Graphics

3 design options for a t-shirt for a group reunion and vacation to Switzerland and Italy
(3208 Friend Group - May 2023)

City Map Live - Logo

The final logo for the web app to show dependencies between IT assets
(Fidelity Investments - Apr 2023)

Fitness Tracker - T-Shirt Graphics

3 design options for a t-shirt to commemorate the launch of an app redesign
(Fidelity Investments - Aug 2021)

Black Beer Nerds - Logos

3 detail-heavy beer theme logos, for a beer enthusiasts club
(Black Beer Nerds - Oct 2020)

Finance Tracking Tool - Logos & Branding

3 options for the naming and branding of an internal Finance KPI (Key Performance indicator) Tool
(Fidelity Investments - Aug 2020)

Aspire ERG - Graphics

Skin tone graphics for the Aspire Employee Resource Group (ERG) made to accent emails and the internal site
(Fidelity Investments - Jun 2020)

The Prospector, The Enrolling Stones, The Optimizers - Logos

Designed 5 logos, part of a set of 6 for 3 squads (2 logos per Squad) to uniquely represent their culture
(Fidelity Investments - Feb 2020)

The DataTool - Logo & Site Redesign

A very abstract "D" and "T" to represent an internal data application tool
(Fidelity Investments - Dec 2019)

The DataTool - Logo & Site Redesign

3 options for a set of vision-inspired squad logos
(Fidelity Investments - Sep 2019)

A Squad has No Name, bLambda-Lam, Scrum of the Earth - Logos

Designed 5 logos, part of a set of 6 for 3 squads (2 logos per Squad) to uniquely represent their culture
(Fidelity Investments - Jun 2019)

Legion of Groom, Scrum Lords - Logos

Designed 2 logos, 1 per Squad, to thematically represent their team name
(Fidelity Investments - Feb 2019)

Managed Accounts Technology Discipline - Template

Designed options for a PowerPoint template to display team accomplishments 
(Fidelity Investments - Jan 2019)

Meat Pie Catering - Naming, Branding & Business Card

Designed 3 business cards using 3 different design styles - Flat, Gradient and Photo-based
(Q's Delights - Oct 2018)

Palmer - Branding

Crafted a warm, yet sophisticated brand for an audio transcription company
(Palmer - Jan 2018)

Engineering Faculty Advancement  - Social Media Graphics

Crafted a set of social media graphics to give engineer faculty tips for research, funding, and more #EFATipOfTheWeek
(NC State - Sep 2017)

Mentor-Rings - Logos

3 design options for an engineering faculty mentoring program
(NC State - Sep 2017)

Pulse SOx - Logo, Branding & Graphics

Branded, created a logo, and made multiple graphics for a startup geared at preventing diabetic-related amputation via blood oxygenation monitoring
(Pulse SOx - Feb 2017)

Calabar Kitchen - Logo & Branding

Logo and branding for a Nigerian restaurant
(Calabar Kitchen - Jan 2017)

Resident Mentor - Flyer & Graphics

A Game of Thrones-themed flyer for the Career Fair preparation program
(NC State - Aug 2016)

PBeeStyle - Banners

Banner for makeup extraordinaire, PBeeStyle showcasing various works
(PBeeStyle - Jun 2016)

VPE - Baseball Card Graphics

Vehicle Production Engineering (VPE) baseball card designs for a team of ~20, bobbleheads and graphics for a 20' by 20' booth were also made
(Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America - Feb 2016)

Mentoring Catalyst - Logos

A design to promote engineering, continuous learning, scholarship, research, and mentorship
(NC State - Feb 2016)

Graduation Banner

A University of North Carolina at Charlotte-themed graduation banner
(Blessing N. - Nov 2015)

Engineering Faculty Advancement - Logos & Graphics

Various graphics and logos utilizing NC State University-approved color palette, for a faculty
mentorship initiative (EFA Site)
(NC State - Sep 2015)