Shish: Kabob Cuisines
(App Prototype)

Online kabob ordering app 

"Rich, delicious, made-to-order kabobs, all in the power of your hands"

Capstone of Interaction Design Specialization by Coursera
Duration: Sep - Nov 2019 (2 months)

Medium Article

Design Team Size

Design Lead

n/a (Prototype Only)

Design System
Human Interface Design (iOS)

Device Type

Sketch, InVision,  Photoshop, Hexawise,


The Challenge

Waiting in line for a food service, or any service for that matter has no place in today’s or the future’s society. With the advent of app/online ordering, we now have the ability to acquire what we want, exactly when we want it.

For my capstone project for Interaction Design Specialization by Coursera, I focused on the Time brief (theme) which asked us students to redesign the way we experience or interact with time.

My Solution

Following the 8-Step Design Thinking process of this course, I created an online kabob ordering app prototype: Shish — Kabob Cuisines 

Early Mock-ups

Final Mock-ups

Skills Applied

User Research — for needfinding

Ideation — to generate fruitful ideas

Storyboarding — to illustrate the intended use/scenery

Paper Prototyping — to mock up the intended interaction

Ten Design Heuristics — used as a checklist for good user experience design

Typography and Layout — to convey meaningful information in the most optimum way

User Testing — to receive feedback and test goal fulfillment

A/B Testing — to improve on a more efficient design