Fitness Tracker: Fitness Report
(Web App Redesign)

A curated view of application-technology healthiness stats

"Get in, Get fit, Get on with it" 

Client: Fidelity Investments
Duration: May 2020 - May 2022 (2 years)

Design Team Size

Design Lead, UX Unicorn

500+ active users / month

Design System
Providence, Helios

Device Type
Responsive Web

Sketch, InVision,  Figma


The Challenge

"I have to track down what needs to be worked on from multiple sources and then try to figure out what to prioritize for my next delivery" - Decision Maker (ex. A Squad Leader)

From developers to leaders, there is a need to monitor their apps' technology health. Tech health data as it relates to themes like Security, Stability Accessibility, and more.

My Solution

Solving for the "Why" vs the "What", understanding that the true goal of leaders was to improve their quarterly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) vs just visualizing the data; I redesigned the Fitness Report to focus on helping users understand their consolidated stats and show them how to improve their technology health.



Skills Applied

Content Strategy, Design Lead, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Marketing, Product Design, UI Design, UX Analyst / Design Ops, UX Design, UX Front-end Development, UX Research, UX Strategy, UX Writing & Visual Design


Created Stakeholder Goal Brief > Explored Existing Site to Understand Intent > Reviewed Existing Qualitative and Quantitative Research > Defined Target Audience > Conducted Additional Research > Identified New Features/Pages to Design >  Created Low then High Fidelity Mock-ups > Conducted Intermittent Mock-up Research > Created Redesign Launch Plans > UX Developed / Frontend Engineered the Beta Site > Reviewed Final Output on Live Site > Facilitated Launch of the Redesign

1/6 Empathize

UX Research

To better understand the developers and leaders that visited the current site, I explored both old and new Quantitative and Qualitative research.

Quantitative Research 

Reviewing the Google Analytics of the current site, I was able to learn about the most used features and the demographics of visitors by their org rankings.  

Insights Gained:

Qualitative Research 

Following the quantitative research, I was able to get an accurate-representative sample of users to interview. I conducted 5 Usability Studies and User Interviews with 6 representative users. 

Insights Gained:

2/6 Define


The needs of the users ranged per persona. Building upon the already existing personas created by team members, I was able to understand what views/features each individual would value.

Adrian (He/Him)
Domain Leader

"I want my organization to continually grow in it's ability to deliver products that directly impact our profit margins while providing increased value to our customers"

Felicia (She/Her)
Chapter Leader

"I need to better understand squad needs so that I can provide squads and individuals with the right skillsets"

Samantha (She/Her)
Squad Leader

"Every Sprint I have to decide whether my team should be adding business value by developing new features or if my team should address issues that remove technical debt from my applications"

Adam (They/Them)
Squad Member

"I need real time information about my applications so that I can develop new features quickly and react to any issues as they arise"

Defined Features to Build

Major Features

Minor Features

3/6 Ideate

 A set of sketches to generate a range of creative ideas to prototype

4/6 Prototype

A set of high fidelity mockups to bring the creative ideas to life

5/6 Test

Qualitative Research 

After high-fidelity mockups were drafted, more Usability Studies and User Interviews were conducted with 3+ individuals to test the Figma Prototype.

Insights Gained:

6/6 Implement



Lessons Learned