Technology Strategy
(Web App Design)

A landing page to understand the vision of the organization

"Build, Reuse, innovate

Client: Fidelity Investments
Duration: Oct 2021 (1 month)

Design Team Size

Design Lead

<10 users / month

Design System
Providence, Helios

Device Type
Desktop Web

Figma, Mural


The Challenge

There is a need to communicate a consistent message to leaders across the firm for them to be aligned and move the needle against the firm's unified technology strategies

Our Solution

Another designer and I built a mock-up to communicate the firm's technology strategies in a way that focuses on the top-level initiatives but also provided resources to dive deeper into the strategy's details



Skills Applied

Content Strategy, Design Lead, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Product Design, UI Design, UX Analyst / Design Ops, UX Design, UX Research, UX Strategy, UX Writing & Visual Design


Confirmed Project Goal Brief with Stakeholders > Defined Target Personas > Created a User Journey Map > Conducted Qualitative Research (Persona User Interviews) > Identified Information (UI features) Important to Personas > Created Low then High Fidelity Mock-ups > Conducted Intermittent Mock-up Research > Verified and Presented Design to Stakeholders > Approved UX Handover to Developers

1/6 Empathize

UX Research

For potential customers, there was a gap in the knowledge of the org's strategies; To better understand what these gaps were, we conducted a couple of user interviews.

User Journey Map 

Leader's Journey Map:

Developer's Journey Map:

Qualitative Research 

Conducted a discovery study via 2 User Interviews; One representing a leader that would seek out inspiration from published Strategies and the other, a developer - an implementer of the Strategy. 

Insights Gained:

2/6 Define


The users of the Strategy site were primarily split into 2 groups:
Leaders - users looking to find inspiration and confirm alignment
Developer  - users looking to find solutions/implementations related to the Strategies

Brooklyn (She/Her)

"As a leader, I need to understand the updated Technology Strategy so I can communicate to my team- new directives that align to the Strategy"

Courtney (She/Her)

"As a developer, I need to understand the overall tech Strategy so that I am intentionally driving my work to enable the objectives of the Tech Strategy"

Defined Features to Build

Major Features

Minor Features

3/6 Ideate

Ideas for the site layout were simultaneously generated on a Mural wireframe. This served as a set of low-fidelity mock-ups before being converted to high-fidelity

4/6 Prototype

A set of high fidelity mock-ups to bring the creative ideas to life

5/6 Test

Qualitative Research 

After high-fidelity mock-ups were drafted, more Usability Studies and User Interviews were conducted with 3+ individuals to test the Figma Prototype.

Insights Gained:

6/6 Implement



Lessons Learned